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Micromax A75 vs Fly Firebird (IQ270)General

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  1. rudrateja

    rudrateja Well-Known Member

    Fly Firebird (IQ270) Is the clone of Micromax A75 (Indian version of Dual sim China android phone :D) Is also having MTK6573 Processor. The main difference between these two is

    processor speed-800Mhz (I think it is overclocked),
    User Interface(SPB Shell) and
    Camera (5Mp)

    Fly firebird official site: IQ270 Firebird

    Fly Firebird Unboxing video: ?????????? Fly Firebird (IQ270) (unboxing) - YouTube

    Fly Firebird UI : Fly Firebird - ??????-???????? ?? ???? Android. - YouTube

    Please use this thread to post any stuff related to firebird which helps our phone (MMX A75)

  2. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    May be we get kernel source of chineese version! :) it will be awesome for development

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