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MICROMAX FUNBOOK p250 AlphaGeneral

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  1. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    hello ppl..i bought dis tab and its look like its same as p300 but back button is removed, power and vol. button on side...also processor is reduced to 1.2...everythin other looks the same...now i want to know that any of u ppl can help me to root it...

  2. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    38 views..not even a single reply...seriously ppl...expected sumthin frm this forum..:(((
  3. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    finaly..rooted my tab successfully..."unlockroot " worked for me....cwm recovery next...:p
  4. jazzzzzzz

    jazzzzzzz Member

    Hi am a user of funbook p300...all these tab are prerooted u just need to install supersu and busybox for getting permission .....for installing custom recovery i used novo7tools app and a image file in my p300 funbook...i think that might work for you too...try..

    Can please check ur new funbook have gps suport...goto settings-location&security and check if there is a option for enabling gps ....please report me...because some sites are saying gps is there in p250 and others say not....please checkand inform
  5. krenlan

    krenlan Member

    thanks for replyin..dont know abt p300 but p250 alpha is not pre rooted..installd busy box it said that its rooted but wen i tried to run titanium backup it says it is not rooted...rooted my tab via unlockroot and its working but for latest update by titanium app says problem with root but working for most of the app...

    as far as gps in alpha..it doesnot hav gps but maps work as google earth work in pc...no hdmi port in alpha too..didnt find workin cwm till now..one user posted that he was able to install cwm but vol up down button was not working in it...

    hope this helps if u want to switch frm p300 to p250...
  6. krenlan

    krenlan Member

  7. satyammahajan4

    satyammahajan4 New Member

    hey friends i now how u r are feeling that u r tablet is not rooted to root micromax funbook p250 and other android devices you have follow these steps
    1. download unlock root
    2. install it when you done it then download adb driver
    3. after this have to do in micromax funbook p250 and other android devices go to developer option and then tick usb debugging
    4. at last you have to click on root button and then it it will be root
    when i rooted my device it has been rooted in second time
  8. ashudb70

    ashudb70 Well-Known Member

    somebody pls give me vold.fstab of p250 original one .please I have lost the file pls help me npt able to mount sdcard pls pls pls
  9. gnmishra95

    gnmishra95 New Member

    Tell me your email I'll send it
  10. AndriodFan123

    AndriodFan123 New Member

    Hi krenlan,
    Were you able to install cwm recovery on your Micro Max-P250 tablet?
  11. vincykeno

    vincykeno New Member

  12. saifxxpp

    saifxxpp New Member

    I am rooting p250 with unlockroot but after root deny permission any root software? help how to full root
  13. attari13

    attari13 New Member

    i followed the procedure but when my tab got restarted system storage got shrunk t 44 mb and nothing can be installed how can it be fixed

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