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Micromax funbook tips and tricksTips

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  1. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    Tips for Micromax Funbook P300

    -> Never Ever change the clock speed or generally the processor speed otherwise it can brick your tablet and cannot unbrick your tablet. It is set on the optimized value sometimes hardware does not supports the higher or lower clock speed that you set and result in PCB i.e motherboard problem

  2. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    Suggest me what else you want to know about Micromax funbook p300 tablets
    Or if have any problem just leave a comment
  3. dj6283

    dj6283 Well-Known Member

    any latest custom rom for funbook?
  4. haree

    haree Active Member

  5. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    See custom roms are available but the best one till now I have used is FunSeries v3 based on ICS 4.0.3 other are right now not stable have many problems
  6. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    And If you want to go with latest is the CyanBook JellyBean Rom but its in beta phase
    so have many bugs
  7. dj6283

    dj6283 Well-Known Member

    cyanbook v0.4 is also very stable.
  8. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    Its based on ICS
  9. Tablet Guru

    Tablet Guru New Member

    Can you tell me how to increase the clock speed of the tab.
  10. buttwaris

    buttwaris New Member

    is there any custom rom for funbook talk p350?
  11. rahul7878

    rahul7878 Member

    You cannot overclock or undercloack your funbook as it is locked and if you does that you might be having a brick in your hand

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