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  1. sakthibruce

    sakthibruce New Member

    I plan to upgrade micromaxx a85 to ver 2.3 using igyaan method (http://igyaan.in/2012/03/21649/upgra...igyaan-version)
    When I try that method its shows me failed so I remove the battery and restore it. after that I try to switch on the phone but no response and i plug in for charging no status showing. I think its hardbricked. Any one can lead me to unbrick any solution pleas. Its cost me 13k plz plz

  2. surendranc

    surendranc New Member

    Did you try the recovery mode? (remove the battery, reinsert it & press the Vol UP and Power.. Release when a green screen appears..) ... if it works, try restoring the stock rom from the igyaan pack...

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