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  1. gfsolutions

    gfsolutions New Member

    This a wierd one. I have a GT-I5800 running Froyo. If I try to make, or receive calls, the microphone does not work (i.e. the other person cannot hear what I am saying). However, if I turn speaker phone on, then they can hear me! This leads me to believe its a software, rather than hardware issue.

    I have tried, without luck, to search for a solution to this, and have even considered a custom ROM, but have no idea as to which one would be best,

    I have also performed a factory reset to see if that would fix things, but it didn't (although I do have a much tidier phone now!).

    Does anyone have any solutions/suggestions to this? If it involves a custom ROM, then that's fine (although I haven't ever done that before, so a step by step would be very helpful!).

    It is very frustrating, epecially as my wife's phone (same make, model, firmware), is working with issue!


  2. vanadriaan

    vanadriaan New Member


    I'm having the same problem.
    Did you found any solution?


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