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  1. dileepkumar_y

    dileepkumar_y Member

    I am using xperia mini pro with firm ver 2.1 .
    Skype Installation was successful from andriod market.
    When I make calls from skype to skype , I can hear incoming voice but other end user cannot hear my voice. I confirmed that microphone not muted. I gave few tries with no success, like ....
    1) uninstall and reinstallation of skype
    2) Cross checked with and without handsfree.

    Do we have fix for this ? If so Can anyone suggest.


  2. dileepkumar_y

    dileepkumar_y Member

    Hi frds, someone can suggest a fair idea to get rid of this problrm.
  3. woodkid

    woodkid New Member

    No fix - but just bumping because I have the same problem. Any help available out there?
  4. redstarbelgrad

    redstarbelgrad New Member

    Hi. I have same problem. Only way is that uninsall skype and restore old version from back upp
  5. Felipe Oñoro

    Felipe Oñoro New Member

    I have the same problem, but _apparently_ my voice can be heard on the other end for about 3 secs... enough to say "hello" :( .

    My gear:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i
    Firmware 2.1-update1
    Skype version

    fonoro - Republica de Linux
  6. jackindabox726

    jackindabox726 New Member

    this phone just sucks...
  7. tysoncsmith

    tysoncsmith New Member

    Hey guys,
    This issue is not isolated to the X10 mini pro. It seems that when skype updated to 2.0 a lot of android devices lost the mic or worse. As redstarbelgrad mentioned above. The only way to get it working is to uninstall the app and install the old working version. I believe that skype was hoping to have video to android phones but only got worse. Bit like Microsofts windows version ME, how funny that microsoft now own Skype.
    Don't bank on video calls anytime too soon but hey voice only is better than nothing.

    Coz i'm nice.. here is the direct link to download old skype apps.
    Download Skype for Android

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  8. dileepkumar_y

    dileepkumar_y Member

    You are right. By installing old version of skype this problem is solved . Great job!
    Download Skype for Android
    thank you guys.


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