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Microphone not workingGeneral

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  1. Schmohawk

    Schmohawk Well-Known Member

    Wondering if anyone else had had this problem. The regular mic isn't picking up barely any sound; it's bad enough that no one can hear me. If I plug in a headset, then it works fine, as well with bluetooth.

    I hope I can fix this cuz I bought the phone on ebay. . . I assume Metro won't honor the warranty since ownership transferred.


  2. Grizzly9208

    Grizzly9208 Member

    Make sure there ain't nothing inside of it if it doesn't look like a little black hole when you look at it then there's a piece of crud in it cause it happened to me and I took a needle to it just a bit and then it looked like a black whole and started working again
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  3. Schmohawk

    Schmohawk Well-Known Member

    That's the thing, though. . . I can't seem to figure out where the mic is. Where is it?
  4. Grizzly9208

    Grizzly9208 Member

    To the left of were you plug the charger in
  5. Schmohawk

    Schmohawk Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much! I thought I was going to have to get a replacement phone, but a needle pushed into that hole fixed it 100%.
  6. Grizzly9208

    Grizzly9208 Member

    Any time
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  7. Schmohawk

    Schmohawk Well-Known Member

    This community ROCKS!!!
  8. YoJeff

    YoJeff New Member

    Worked for me too! Thanks alot.
  9. Ninezulu

    Ninezulu New Member

    Is there a microphone on off switch on the EVO 4g? I can't get the microphone to work without the earphone/mike piece.

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