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  1. wth

    wth Member

    Topic says it all....

    I managed to put the microSD card into the simcard slot after upgrading my phone, and now it's stuck. Anyone have any idea on how to get it out?

    Considering opening the phone and see if i can get to it from the inside, not like I can blame this complete screwup on the warranty.

    (also posted in the galaxy spica forum)

  2. sipart

    sipart Well-Known Member

  3. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    was it upgraded officially or with odin
  4. geeshock

    geeshock Member

    Tried a paperclip or some kind of vacuum?
  5. wth

    wth Member

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    It was updated with odin.
    Vacuum won't work, it's not air tight.
    I'm gonna try with some paper clips when I get to work, my local "super"market didnt have any. So far I've tried with a toothpick and vacuum.
    I've also e-mailed a repair center, but I don't know if it's worth it, depends how fast they'll do it, if I have to pay 60-75 % of the prize I payed for the phone I might as well buy a new one with warranty imo.

    It looks like i can get it from the inside, thanks for the service manual. Now I just have to find the world smallest screwdriver :D
  6. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    if you need a small screwdriver find a glassers/specticals repair kit there's one in there
  7. wth

    wth Member

    Well.. i got it out with a paper clip, but the sd card got hooked in the pins for the sim card, and i couldn't bend them back.

    Two local shops estimated 1000+ NOK in repairs, so I bought a new one for 1500 :\

    Plus side: I now got both colours, and a custom back cover ! ..
  8. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    we will have to put this on the not to list its a easy mistake to do
  9. geeshock

    geeshock Member

    Oh christ, it sucks you had to by a new phone. It looks like the actual internal casing for the spica is held on with only 6 tiny crosshead screws, if you get that off you may well get easy access to the sim card pins to bend them back. Like got-petrol mentioned a glasses repair screwdriver should get these screws off.

    I've disassembled a few phones in my time and done things like this, and its relatively straight forward.

    Better to try and fix it rather than using it as a paperweight. I wouldn't pay such silly money for a simple job. Then you can sell it on.

    **actually looking at the internals I would get someone who's taken phones apart before
  10. wth

    wth Member

    I for one will always start with the SIM-card from now off :)

    If anyone is so unlucky they do this, make sure you don't push it further in after you realize what you've done. If I had used a paper clip right away, and kept it away from the pins, I probably could've gotten it out without harming the reader.
  11. Jrouseandroid

    Jrouseandroid New Member

    I did the same, i managed to get the sd card out but broke a reader in the sim slot, where can i get spares or get it fixed for the galaxy portal?????????

  12. fed up with it

    fed up with it New Member

    My wife has done the same cannot shift. In my opinion the design should stop this happening- will replace with an Iphone - carrier no help whatsoever.
  13. fed up with it

    fed up with it New Member

    my wife has done the same. Carrier no help whatsover. Should have been engineered to stop this happening. Will buy an Iphone

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