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  1. johnnyutahh

    johnnyutahh Member

    Hey guys,

    i just bought a Verbatim microSDHC Card for my samsung tab 2 10.1. It inserts fine and fits like a glove.

    BUT when i turn it on and go to settings i dont see the micro SD card enabled? is there something im missing?? how do i enable or activate this new external micro sd card. Its a 16Gb verbatim SDHC card it says on the packaging.

    any help would be appreciated.

    thanks all

  2. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    Try rebooting by holding the power button down until the restart window pops up.
  3. johnnyutahh

    johnnyutahh Member

    a reboot has been performed many times. SD card not showing on both my samsung galaxy s2 or my tablet. Its brand new out of packaging. All i can think of is perhaps rooting my phone is a problem? all i have done since getting the tablet is root it and removed the bloatware. Havent installed any funky dev tools or messed with it. So i really am at a loss why its not mounting when the card fits in the slot fine.

    one very annoyed user right now!
  4. AJP007

    AJP007 Member

    Your Card is simply NOT recognised by your Device because its NOT Formatted to the Device acceptability Standard....Format to correct Standard thats ALL you have to do..very simple really.!
    Most SD or microSD Cards come out of Box not always Formatted to the standard you require for Android..!!
    If I remember correctly and am not mistaken you will have to format to FAT32..on your PC..if the Android Device does NOT recognise your SD Card and Install/Format automatically thru the Device.!
    Some PC OS versions will NOT format certain size Cards ie...WIN XP.
    In which case you will need a programme called Easeus Partition Manager its a Formating Software and its Freeware.!!......you should read the How to before starting..OK
    Install and Follow instructions its fairly simple...to use.
    Saying that you should try SDXC Cards...I am using micro64GB in FAT32 SDXC cards in both my S3 phone and Tab2 10.1 and both working perfectly.I know they are more expensive but you only need one...the right one..right.?
    Have personally NOT tried SDHC cards...I thought these were not Fast enough for Android Devices and only used in Cameras etc..!!
    Check it out and hope you fix your problem.Let us know how you get on..!
    I am confident it will work when Formatted correctly.!

    Here is a nice Link have a Read all about Formatting for Android Devices.

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