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microSD Upgrading

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  1. tyfighter77

    tyfighter77 New Member

    I want to swap my 8GB microSD card to a 16GB. Is there anything special I need to do so I don't lose any data or settings? I don't know what types of data Android typically saves to the sd card vs the sim-card or internal memory.

    I mounted the phone and backed up the files (checking for hidden files) shown there, but is the folder you're exploring when the phone is mounted actually the SD card or the sim or both or what? If not is there any way to explore the SD card exclusively?

  2. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    Just copy everything that you backed up that was on the old 8GB card to the new 16GB card. Everything will work out just fine, the phone will be just the same, just better ;)
  3. tyfighter77

    tyfighter77 New Member

    Thanks! What a relief.
  4. Method760

    Method760 Well-Known Member

    Whats a good cheap 16gb card? Im still running the stock 4gb :( Lol
  5. tyfighter77

    tyfighter77 New Member

    I found mine for about $35 on Amazon. SanDisk brand (same as the one packaged with the phone).
  6. jfritzs2

    jfritzs2 Well-Known Member

    Any of these

    I bought mine from Buy.com, 16GB class 6 for like $51. The prices have gone up since then, but still I believe this is the cheapest place for class 6 cards which are the fastest. Here is one for about $52 dollars shipped.

    If you just want 16GB without the extra speed then here Or take a look around Amazon

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