Microsoft Exchange Activesync missing

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  1. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    Previously I had setup Microsoft Exchange on my phone, but I just noticed that the setting is gone from the Accounts and Sync section. Was this removed from the ROM or did I acidently disable it when I toggled off one of the apps? Does anyone know which app has the Activesync stuff in it?

  2. ryanmc

    ryanmc Member

    Nevermind, when I restored the HTC Mail app the Activesync option came back.
  3. Az Utazo

    Az Utazo Member

    I have had the same problem - twice. My Exchange account simply disappeared from my Tab, along with all the data. Yes, I was able to restore it all by re-setting up the account, and resyncing. But it is a nuisance.

    Can anyone explain why it might happen, and how to stop it?

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