Microsoft manages to get Motorola Android devices banned from the US

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    When I first saw the article, I got a little concerned, but then I realized that Google also has a trump card with regards to Microsoft's infringing on the Motorola patent for the, they may call it a wash and come up with a "license agreement" going both ways covering the 2 different patent infringements. At least, that's what I think should happen.
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    With the recommendation for XBox banning for US importation, I can't see Motorola and Microsoft coming up with a fair resolution:

    Judge Won't Let You Get Your Game On, Recommends Xbox 360 Ban | PCWorld

    I honestly think it all depends on how much Microsoft really values their XBox sales vs. the money that Motorola (e.g. Now, Google) makes from Android handsets. The best part of the article (that makes me feel more secure) is that that banning of import for Motorola phones and XBox 360's would have to be signed off by the President's office, which could take some time. Hopefully, that'll give them enough time to get their upcoming superphones over here, at least for this year.
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