Microsoft trying to get Windows Phone on Metro.

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  1. Gman9831

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    This the MetroPCS forum isn't it? ;)

    Microsoft is trying to get low cost Windoes Phone devices on Metro & Cricket
    Microsoft finally managed to get Windows Phone on all 4 major US carriers, but what's next – apparently the 2nd tier carriers?

    Speaking at CES2013 Microsoft’s senior product manager of Windows Phone Greg Sullivan said the company is working to spread Windows Phone to smaller operators, like Cricket & MetroPCS on board with windows phone.

    “We have teams of folks that are working with literally all of the mobile operates to help pair them with OEMs & deliver phone-operator pairings that meet specific needs," he said.

    He acknowledged that there may still be some reticence on the part of smaller carriers to commit to the platform, but he saw Sprint’s commitment & the end of their wait & see attitude as a clear sign that the platform has gathered enough momentum to get smaller carriers interested also.

    Sullivan said that Microsoft knew when it reset its mobile strategy in 2010 that "this was going to be a long-term investment for us." He said there is no one factor that will spark Microsoft to get more momentum in the market, and some things have needed to happen in sequence. He added that the company needed to build a unique software platform, get developer support, pair the software with top-notch hardware and secure more carrier support.

    "There has been a strong & concerted focus on this narrow area," he said. "But it’s intentional because we clearly wanted to put a stake in the ground that there’s a better way to do a smartphone."

  2. Shabbypenguin

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    thats awesome i would love a nokia 920 like device on metropcs
  3. Fuzzy13

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    I remember when I got the Samsung code which was my first technical "smartphone". Windows phones have left a bad taste ever since then.
  4. nailzer

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    No doubt.
  5. h4x0rj3ff

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    i had the htc titan 2 (mogul) on verizon running win mobile 6. then i got the upgrade to 6.1 (dont remember if it was official or not) it was a nice little device but its nothing compared to my android now. verizon had its gps chip locked out so you had to pay to use it but with sprint firmware you could unlock it :)
  6. averagewonder

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    Really I had the code as well I enjoyed that phone. Only issue I ever had with it was I broke the charging port. Whould have been nice if it had wifi.

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