Accessories microUSB cable options (so your phone doesn't look like alfalfa)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dbpaddler, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. dbpaddler

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    So nobody wants to see their microUSB cable sticking straight up out of the phone. Looks like crap, especially in the car. Safe to say, you have options.

    USBfirewire makes angled microUSB cables that should fit anyone's bill. The two that will appeal most to us Epic user would be the left angle and the up angle.

    The left angle is great for those that want to rotate to the left into landsacape mode. In portrait mode the cable goes to the left from the jack so when you rotate counterclockwise it just hands straight down. So either way it's sitting nicely without a big protrusion.

    For those like me who don't care about landscape mode, the up angle is the way to go. You can run it up behind the holder, even use a stick on cable guide to keep it in place and just have it lay right above the phone. Very neat and discrete.

    They also seem to have options on the USB side for angles as well. Nice if you're using a 12v socket in a console of some sort and space is a premium. You can even go lower profile with a low profile usb adapter like this one.

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Looks interesting. I hope the official Samsung car dock has the usb input on the base like the Evo's dock. I rather not have to buy another cable, and some generic dock for it.
  3. dbpaddler

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    I actually hate the usb in the base. Then you're stuck with the same problem as the USB cable at the top. You have this big appendage sitting on your windshield or the top of your dash. I prefer to go the proclip, panavise route and have a nice integrated looking dash mount. Then you could take that "official" dock and mount it there. But it looks like Samsung screwed up like HTC did and has no way to detach the holder from the suction cup base and use it elsewhere. So you're limited to a suction cup mount and only a "universal" way of using it in your car. You're also running a power cable all the way up to your dash or windshield which also looks junky. No real way to route and hide the cable without more effort.

    Plus I have a hard time dropping $60 on something specific to a phone I'll only use for a year. Won't get value selling it either in a year's time. That's why I stick to the proclip universal. On my third phone with the same holder.

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