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Might switch from inspire to vividGeneral

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  1. th3goob

    th3goob Well-Known Member

    well heres the thing, att is currently doing an icu(no idea wth that means on their end) but i went through 4 inspires and they said next 1 is a new make and model, so im on that step and they asked me which device i would like and i told them vivid or skyrocket, so anybody here do the switch from inspire to vivid? pros? cons?

  2. chall80

    chall80 Well-Known Member

    If you love your inspire, the vivid will make you very happy. I have been using mine for some weeks now, and gave my inspire to my 14 year old. I used the inspire yesterday for the first time since I got my Vivid, and I can imagine going backwards. Vivid is basically a hotrod inspire that comes with Sense 3.0(which is what i had on the rooted inspire anyway)...love it

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