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Migrating from Palm Treo

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  1. Crell

    Crell Active Member This Topic's Starter

    May 22, 2010
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    Hi folks. I've just gotten my first Android phone (Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile) and so far so good. However, now comes the fun part: Getting my data over from my Palm Treo 680.

    At minimum I want to bring over my Contacts, Calendar, and Memo data. But, there's a few catches:

    1) The Treo has never synced with Palm Desktop. Ever. (As far as I remember, anyway. If it did, it was 2.5 years ago.) I'm a Linux desktop user and syncing to Linux from Palm OS 5 was never really that good. So I don't already have an archive of everything backed up elsewhere.

    2) I do not want to store everything in GMail. Sorry, much as I may like Android I'm not interested in entrusting my entire life to The Cloud(tm) (aka, turning everything over to a publicly traded corporation that I inherently don't trust to behave properly, nor to give me access to my data as I want). I'm OK with routing through GMail temporarily, but that's not my main mail account nor will it be, and I don't want it to be my main address book.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a trouble maker. :)

    Now, I figured this would be easy. Both devices have Bluetooth, so I should be able to just BT transfer everything over, right? Well, it works fine for individual Contacts. (I've not tried calendar so far.) But I have somewhere north of 1000 contacts in my Treo, and no particular desire to transfer them individually. The Treo does have a "Send category" command that can do mass transfers, but when I try to do that the Android barfs on the incoming data and gives me a parse error. (Yep, a parse error on the incoming data.)

    So, um, yeah. I could use some great suggestions from the great people here. :)


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