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MikroWave [App] [FREE/paid] Audio sequencer / synthesizer

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  1. droiski81

    droiski81 New Member

    Just released for Android 2.3 / Gingerbread and higher phones: MikroWave.

    In essence : it's a tool that allows you to quickly notate your musical ideas when on the move, via a sequencer. It's aimed towards people who know their way around a traditional sixteen step-sequencer and aren't puzzled by the properties of a synthesizer.

    Features are:

    - Unlimited amount of measures / bars for your compositions.
    - Six available waveforms for the synthesizer, as well a secondary oscillator which is route-able to different targets such as a frequency modulator and low pass filter.
    - Drum machine with sixteen step sequencer for rhythmic backdrop
    - With the paid versions compositions can be stored on your device and recalled at a later date, including the instrument settings.
    - Live improvisation via a single-octave keyboard, which uses a secondary synthesizer to test ideas over the patterns created in the sequencer. Multi-touch response allow the playing of 4-note polyphonic chords.

    You can get it on Google Play.


  2. droiski81

    droiski81 New Member

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