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  1. danny662boy

    danny662boy Active Member

    what unlocked moto milestone 2 will work with 3g???? i looked and found that the frequency will not work for 3g in the U.S. but 2g will??? any specific websites or unlocked milestone 2's that will work with att sim card and have 3g???

  2. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    No. As you say, wrong frequencies.
  3. danny662boy

    danny662boy Active Member

    this is terrible!!! why wont motorola DROID go to att! the iphones going to verizon! att needs the droid! but i guess droid doesnt need att :(
  4. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    At&t have android phones they just don't market them well and intentionally cripple them. Because of this they're generally not the best models anyway as the manufacturers don't want to 'waste' decent phones on at&t

    As far as the motorola phones, Verizon have given them enough support to demand US exclusivity. It makes perfect sense that the non-US models wouldn't have the at&t frequencies as they're not really used outside of the US and certainly nowhere in europe,
  5. danny662boy

    danny662boy Active Member

    ya makes sense..... guess when my contract is up, i'll most likely be heading to verizon, i think the droids are neat phones, and i like the way that verizon doesnt bog down the phone with all those apps that cant be deleated like with att.. i.e. att navigator, att this, att that. blah blah
  6. litigator201

    litigator201 New Member

    Any idea when a Telus version of the Milestone 2 will be available?
  7. illhuskerini

    illhuskerini Member

    karnka, in Italy, the spec sheet that I have seen states the following:

    850/900/1900/2100; GSM/EDGE

    Does that change things since this is different than what the specs listed on GSMArena and even on the review here. I'm trying to find out if this would work on the AT&T network then. Thanks.

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