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Milestone 2 in Canada?Support

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  1. Spartan61

    Spartan61 New Member

    i've been thinking of getting a Motorola Milestone 2. I live in Toronto, Canada, and am currently on Rogers Wireless network. Does anyone have the Milestone 2 in Canada and is in the same scenario/setting that I am in? Does it work? will it work?
    I figure I'll have to get it unlocked, probably off ebay, so I want to be sure that it does work

  2. runner2k

    runner2k Active Member

    I do have Motorola Milestone and I can't live without it. It does the trick, IMO.

    I really wanted to buy Motorola Milestone 2 or even Global one.

    Sorry buddy, but we won't get Milestone 2 neither Global in Canada. We just got the Atrix, why would they release it here now.

    Yeah, you would have to buy it on Bestbuy US or Ebay. Get Unlock code (runs around $10-$20).

    Yes, Milestone 2 will works on Rogers, Fido..
  3. runner2k

    runner2k Active Member

    My Telus Milestone is unlocked and I am currently with Fido.(1 year so far)

    check this and note that Milestone 1 and 2 has the same 2G & 3G Network.

    Motorola MILESTONE 2 vs. Motorola MILESTONE - GSMArena.com

    I would wait until August/September before buying Milestone 2. Motorola should release something by this time.
  4. lychii

    lychii Member

    I would suggest the droid 2 global. cause I had the milestone on rogers, and it doesnt run 3g. only 2g settings.. so i had to sell it and get a droid 2 global.
  5. lychii

    lychii Member

    but imo.. the 2 series is slick as hell.. and ALOT better spec wise. and style wise.
  6. EOK1335

    EOK1335 New Member

    this was also been my problem before purchasing the phone, and finally i picked up the d2g.

    acturally there are generally 2 versions of milestone1, north-american version and europe version, these 2 versions are running different 3g basebands. the american one running WCDMA 850/1900 and europe version runing WCDMA 900/2100.
    i guess the samething will gonna happen on the milestone 2 but i cannot wait for the american version to came out. so d2g became my final choice.

    Im using telus so i have to have the WCDMA 850 to use telus' HSPA network.
    Rogers/Fido run their 3G on WCDMA 850 so european version milestone 2 will not work. GSM will work fine tho.
  7. EOK1335

    EOK1335 New Member

    BTW, I have read about a thread at somewhere saying that changing the system baseband file could get euro-version MS2 work on WCDMA850/1900.
    not sure if it's not a hardware issue tho.

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