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  1. TruFatty

    TruFatty Member This Topic's Starter

    May 17, 2010
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    hey all. i searched the forums and i can't see to find anything on what seems to be happening.

    I'm running a Motorola milestone with 2.1 update 1. when i access my email which is optonline.net via POP3. i can send and receive mail just fine. i can even send small attachments (54.9k) but once i start adding a picture that is above the limit i said earlier it won't send, it never leaves my mailbox. if i connect the phone to WIFI and then do a send receive they go out.

    currently i am on AT&T using EDGE (2g) for data. as far as i know there is no limit on what can be sent over edge via an email attachment. even for a file that is below 1mb in size.

    any help on this would be very welcomed.


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