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    Aug 18, 2010
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    I just got the 2.1 android, a Motorola Milestone, a couple of weeks ago. My phone connected fine with my computer when I first hooked it up, showing me everything that was on my phone.

    I've gone back to upload some music, and now the computer isn't recognizing the phone. All I get is an error message saying "MotoConnect status: Phone USB mode not supported. Please change to a supported mode. What's up with this? :confused:

    Also, I was reading the answer from the person who suggested turning off the auto sync to lengthen battery life - my battery was barely lasting a day, and I don't use the phone throughout the day; mostly on the commute to and from work on the bus. I've had to charge it twice today, so we'll see if that works for my phone, or if I have to return it. :mad:

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    When you plug the phone into the PC, there's an entry appears in the notification bar at the top of the screen - if you pull this down, and click on the entry there for the connection you'll see it's in USB/Mass storage mode, and you need to select the Sync profile instead to connect.
    Also regarding battery life, I live out in the styx and it's not autosync that kills my battery but the phone trying to hold a 3G connection. I've left all of the sync tools turned on, but from the home screen press Menu>Settings>Networks>Use only 2G network connections and leave it on 2G for collecting mails and 'normal' stuff; I choose to restore 3G for web browsing or for navigation and where I'd finish the day with 10% charge if I were lucky and I can now almost run the phone for two full days. :cool:

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