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mini 5 at $315?General

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  1. sn0skier

    sn0skier Active Member

  2. wondercoolguy

    wondercoolguy Member

    I dunno but if someone was trying to rob me I would smack them with the Dell Mini to KO or kill them.
  3. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    im really intrested in the mini 5 and i emailed the dude lol.. its a scam im sure.. this is his reply

    Dell Mini 5 Android 2.0 USD$315
    shipping cost USD$30 for 1 pcs by EMS,DHL,UPS,FedEx
    Total USD$345 for 1 pcs including shipping and insurance
    we are receive your payment within 1 days arrange shipping your order
    and tell you tracking no
    within 3-4 days arrive your door.
    Paypal:we can not accept paypal,because we can not draw out the money here
    only accept Via bank Transfer or western union in our here
    We DO NOT accept payments via Credit Cards and cheque.
    As below is my business record:

    anyone know where i can get one now? :D
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  4. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    lol sounds totally legit
  5. Rota

    Rota Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, no credit cards, PayPal, or checks; all the payment options that can be reversed after sending them.....

    Count me in for three!
  6. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    for me my phones gets charged so many times through out the day.. im in my car alot and its always plugged into the charger there.. so battery isnt an issue.. plus with a phone of this size im sure seido would have no problem making an extended batt without a huge cover..

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