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    Jun 1, 2012
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    Hi there,

    Just purchased this phone a few days ago and like the phone alot, everything went smoothly until I added a bolt on to the phone for data, before the bolt on I could view webpages, download apps etc.

    The problem I had yesterday was that I could connect to my wifi and do everything, btu when I activated the data traffic button, I would get no webpages.

    last night I was playing with it and now I cannot recieve webpages through my wifi, but I can when the data traffic button is on.

    I tried to search about this as much as possible, I have diagnosed my router and that seems ok, wipreless on teh upstairs pc is fine, I can even ping my phone from my pc, I can access the NAS drive and router from the phone.

    I reset my phone back to defaults and this did nto help, I also repaired the software through the sont companion software and this did not help.

    All I get when wifi is connected is page cannot be displayed, I cannot download apps or anythign either.

    I am with o2 and even when I try to send them a text message for settings etc it comes back saying they had a problem.

    Does anyone know a fix for this or have I broken my phone


    I bit the bullet and phoned o2, they sent me GPRS settings and now the wifi and data has started to work again.


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