Mini USB doesnt fit right

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  1. simulator

    simulator Well-Known Member

    I have two bb mini usb to usb cables. Neither fits into the socket on the phone correctly... it doesn't stay in. No problem with my car charger (non bb). Anyone have issues with generic usb cables?

  2. grphx

    grphx Member

    If by generic usb cable, you mean a "mini usb" that wont fit. The captivate takes a micro(a little bit smaller). If you are using a micro usb, and it's not fitting quite right, make sure you slide the little door all the way over till it clicks a little.
  3. grphx

    grphx Member

    Mini <-----> Micro
  4. sonicanatidae

    sonicanatidae Well-Known Member

    Also, the little sliding cover clicks when its opened all the way.

    If you dont open the slider all the way, the plug fits kinda half-assed and
    will fall out.
  5. iPenguin

    iPenguin Well-Known Member


    If you don't open the usb cover until you feel the click, the cable will always fall out. That fixed it for me.
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  6. simulator

    simulator Well-Known Member

    I meant micro. With the BB cord, the metal prong is the right size but there's too much plastic for it to rest snugly into the opening. Good to hear that this is only an issue with the BB micro cord not others. (the door is clicked open, btw, and this still happens).
  7. Krynn

    Krynn Member

    Yeah, I ran into that problem with a generic micro-usb cable. A few seconds of quality time with a razor blade fixed the problem. ;)
  8. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    I ran into the same problem I bought 3 belkin Micro USB cables with the intent of having one at home, one at work, and one spare. Come to find out the rubber molding around the connector won't make the connector seat all the way down into the connection. Since the top is sort of slanted, it hits on the back of the phone before it seats in the front all the way. I took the 8 dollar belkin cables back and ordered some OEM ones off EBAY. They SUPPOSEDLY work in the captivates, so I'll see when they come in. I found nothing at the Fry's Electronics store I was at that would fit in the captivate.
  9. simulator

    simulator Well-Known Member

    So samsung took an open standard connector and made it proprietary :)
  10. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

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  11. rajendra82

    rajendra82 Well-Known Member

    If the issue is just the plastic housing, why not shave off a few millimeters with an X-Acto blade on the side that hits the edge of the phone first.
  12. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    NOW you tell me ;)

    That's about how much I paid on ebay w/ free shipping. But I'm not POSITIVE they'll fit in yet... will have to wait till I get them.
  13. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    Because why ruin a cable when another (cheaper) one will do the job? I know cutting off the rubber wouldn't ruin it, but I'd rather just get one that does the job without modification. I originally got the Belkin ones because they were there at the time, and I had a giftcard for the store.
  14. donovanii

    donovanii New Member

    I thought shaving off the outside plastic on the captivate plug would solve the problem but No it didn't. So its still a sloppy fit after I shaved off the plug. I have a car cigarette charger and it fits! So there must be too much plastic in the female end of the oem usb cable because the car mini usb fits, perfectly and doesn't wobble. I may contact Samsung about this. From now on I'm going to check out all the equipment before I make a deal on another Samsung or Iphone
  15. donovanii

    donovanii New Member

    I;m on the chat window with Samsung and they said this is not a know problem to them. HA! Yeah right. ;)

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