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Mini USB Gamepad for roms and future games

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  1. EngineerJakit

    EngineerJakit New Member

    After doing some research on gamepads for android phones, I found out that there isnt one for the Droid Pro. A Game-Gripper could work, but the position of the screen to the keyboard just wouldnt seem to work. Does anyone think that a mini usb gamepad for a Droid Pro sound like a good idea for roms and maybe future games for the android market? and if so, anyone have any idea on how something like that could be made?

  2. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    Mini Wii Mote...using bluetooth. I have used the regular size Wii mote with NES emulators and with Meganoid. Works great. The mini wii mote will be even better I think.
  3. EngineerJakit

    EngineerJakit New Member

    that sounds like the best option. thanks dude!

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