mini usb to 3.5mm adapter here!Accessories

  1. 3xL

    3xL Member

  2. nomad

    nomad Member

    I'm assuming you're going to use it for your headphones ;)
    You'd better invest some more money and look for an adapter with a filter, as I have used them "cheapos" before and the sound quality degrades heavily on them (or maybe it's just my Motophone).
  3. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman Well-Known Member

    from the un-boxing photos it looks like it will come with headphones..
  4. gtd3

    gtd3 Well-Known Member

    Those headphones arent ussually all that great though and its a shame we're gonna have to buy that stupid adapter.
  5. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman Well-Known Member

    Doesn't someone make USB headphones?
  6. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    I agree, the adapter is an annoyance, but I'd gladly use an adapter if adding an 1/8" jack made the device thicker or longer. I've never liked earbuds either, but I'll reserve judgment until I try these. More than likely I'll be getting an adapter.
  7. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    The other adapters at the bottom of the page look more compelling to me. The 3-in-1 adapter in particular. The one thing I truly hate about "data+charge+headphone" ports on devices like HTC and Samsung phones is: you can't do more than one of each at the same time.

    The 3-in-1 adapter, though, might let me actually charge and talk at the same time. That's a huge deal, IMO.
  8. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Ah, very good point. I'd probably more interested in doing the charge/listen thing at my desk. Only drawback is that it's a bit big, but not such a big deal when you're listening stationary I suppose.
  9. 3xL

    3xL Member

    usb headphones are rather expensive, i ALREADY have some badass headphones...and i knew about the filter, don't know why i forgot to mention it
  10. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    Cool...whatcha got?

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