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Minimum Requirements for posting a thread here. READ ME

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  1. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Please observe the following minimum requirements for posting an application announcement in this section from here on out:

    1) Please include in the thread title the title of the application as well as decent category identifier.

    Angry Birds [GAME]
    ConnectBot [App]
    ConnectBot [Tools]

    2) Description of the application and any hardware/software restriction if there are any.

    3) One or Two Screenshot(s).

    4) Apps listed must appear in the Play Store.

    5) Per our Site Rules, one thread per developer please.

    It would be polite to include a QR code but this isn't required.

    This is to make the section a little less trashy and a little more useful. Please meet these requirements, they shouldn't be to hard to meet for anyone who has created an application :)


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