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  1. ethomas716

    ethomas716 Member

    Ive had my Defy for about a month now and I have a few issues with the phone and am wondering if there are any possible fixes.

    First, the phone is very picky about the screen lock. In my settings menu, the screen lock is checked, as well as the unlock pattern which I like. The issue with the phone is that is chooses when it wants to use this lock and when it doesn't. Sometimes the unlock button on the top is the only way to unlock it, and other times the volume control buttons unlock it without even having to slide the lock on the screen. VERY annoying seeing as though it has a way of always coming unlocked in my pocket. WHY?

    Second, is the battery a tad loose in the phone? when you gently rock or shake the phone, it seems as though the battery or something else internally rattles around like crazy. Just my phone or Defys in general?

    other than that, all is well

  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    My battery is actually a bit difficult to get out...very tight fit.

    I can't speak much of the pattern lock however it worked without issue the week I had it enabled.
  3. BobbyPhoenix

    BobbyPhoenix Well-Known Member

    My battery does the same thing. I first thought something was loose inside, or it was the camera lens, but after taking the battery door off, and holding the battery I found that's what it was. It still clicks in place, and is tough to get out, but once it's clicked in, it does wiggle back and forth. I took a piece of sponge (just enough like a finger nail size), and put it under the battery in the corner where the camera flash is on the plastic. Now it stays put. As far as the screen lock goes, I have mine disabled, so sorry, I can't help there.
  4. csabika

    csabika Active Member


    my battery is moves as well but is not bothering me since i dont really shake the phone but i was thinking to do the same put a small foam under the cover so its stays in place i also have a rubber case i bought it from tmobile so its hold the cover even better on the phone,

    i downloaded this app called " no lock " cause i hated that i had to press on the power button every time so now with this app you can choose to turn this on or off turning off means you can wake up the phone by pressing the volume rockers wich is easier for me than the power button but i dont get a a slide over lock when a calls comes in just a answer or ignore ,

    othervise im very impressed with this phone i think people under estimate it but in reality its a droid x or whatever you like to call it, i am comeing from a blackberry bold 9700 this is a big improvement browser wise for me everything is just smooth and fast to do with this phone so far is a joy
  5. ethomas716

    ethomas716 Member

    thanks for the replies everyone. As far as the battery goes, it doesnt really bother me, I was just curious if it was a common issue with all Defys.

    This screen lock issue, on the other hand, is becoming a HUGE problem. Anything unlocks the phone to the home screen without any sort of procedure, EVEN the bottom menu buttons. The settings say screen lock is checked, but the phone has a mind of its own. The only way to make it work is to turn the phone off and back on. This makes the screen lock work, but once again it goes back to not locking about a few hours after I turn it back on.

    Any other ideas? this issue is just completely ruining my Defy experience and my positive thoughts about the phone.

    oh and the phone is not rooted, and the only market apps installed are facebook, pandora, barscanner, weatherbug, and NHL Gamecenter.
  6. Awg454

    Awg454 Member

    I had this happen to mine once i killed all the running tasks with advanced task killer and it hasn't done it since,i can only assume i had a app running in the background making it do this!
  7. JuanPiggly

    JuanPiggly Active Member

    yeah sometimes when i have pattern lock enabled it doesn't even ask me for the pattern and not only that but the lock screen doesn't even appear, it just goes straight to what's on my phone. and yeah my battery is also a bit lose, i can hear it moving when i lightly shake my phone, but other than that great device! :D
  8. wah007

    wah007 Active Member

    Hey guys when I gently move or rock my phone I can hear a noise but I have noticed that it is the volume rocker or the power button on mine which I can hear rattling because when I touch them buttons slightly I can hear and feel that they are loose.

    Are you guys sure that its not that?
  9. Curr946

    Curr946 Member

    my battery does the same, i didn't really pick up on it until now. Not bothering me, nor does it seem to bother my phone.

    never had an issue with screen lock. as suggested may be a app live in the background
  10. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    No problem with rattling battery, the only thing slightly loose is the volume button.
    Also my phone only wakes up when i press the power button, not any other key.
  11. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    I had some problems with the pattern lock on the Milestone, one where it never came on - and the other (which was quite bad, as I didn't notice for ages) was when ANY pattern unlocked it. Had it been lost or stolen, whatever anyone tried would have worked.

    The solution in both cases was to turn all the security options off, reboot and then turn the pattern lock back on. Well, at least that worked for me - albeit on a different (Motorola) phone.

    I have no idea what caused the problem, sadly.
  12. NickNitro

    NickNitro Member

    A nice program for the Defy is called Tap Tap App. It only works on very few phones and the Defy is in the list. I use it and it works VERY well with no noticeable battery drain and no bugs (Defy 2.1 update 1) You wave your finger or hand over the notification sensor and it wakes the phone up. Very handy so you don't wear out the power button. Nice to light the phone back up when it says press 1 for english etc. If you need an app that will keep screen on while on any app "you choose" in a list of all installed apps on the phone get "Keep Screen". You can set it to never turn off the screen till the app closes like text app, dialer app, browser etc. Install and click applications - it will show you every app on the phone - click each app you want the screen to never turn off on and waa laa. These are two fantastic apps for the defy. The loose battery is no biggy for me because this phone if great. It has less negative feedbacks than all other droids on the tmobile site. I might add Mr. Number Call Block works perfect on my Defy. It has blocked every call in my blacklist 100% of the time and has not failed one time. And I have many in my blacklist including all 800, 866, 900 numbers etc. Just add whole number to block or 800 and it will block all 800 numbers. Great FREE app.
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  13. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Just got my replacement defy, previous had the ear speaker problem, my lucks not good this one has a faulty screen doa, tried pulling the battery and everything so it going back. :(

  14. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

    I put a small piece of rubber band on the back of battery to tighten the battery. :p
  15. Spiffing

    Spiffing Active Member

    That is easily the best app I have downloaded so far, I hated having to press that button - and its free! It does become essential to set a screen lock, but that's no hardship.

    Oh yes, my battery is a very tight fit.
  16. davyjones

    davyjones New Member

    Can you please tell me how did you installed taptap app on defy ?
    I have a defy(2.1 upadate 1). When I search for the app in the market through market app in my cell it did not list this app. If I try to install it through PC it says "this item is not compatible with your device android". !!
    Very disappointed with this :(
  17. siddharthb

    siddharthb New Member

    I've had the same locking problem. If I turn off the phone and turn it back on, the lock works again. I am not absolutely sure of the time after which the lock starts to give problems, I'll make a post when I get to the bottom of that.

  18. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    I had pretty much unresponsive lock screen when on 2.1, real pain trying to stop the alarm in the morning. Updated to 2.2 much better.

    Is the OP on 2.1?
  19. Gundam168

    Gundam168 Well-Known Member

    This is the same issue I have with my recently bought Defy+. I even created a thread about it:


    Although I haven't experienced the unlocking issue, I do have the same issue about the fully charged battery suddenly dropping down to 90% in just a few minutes.

    So that explains why the Defy/Defy+ isn't actually selling like hotcakes in my part of the world.
  20. Gundam168

    Gundam168 Well-Known Member

  21. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Did you try GPS Fix, & GPS airtime?
  22. Diabo

    Diabo Well-Known Member

    Autofocus is a moving part. It rattles on many different phones, not just the Defy.

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