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  1. mahhkk

    mahhkk New Member is an amazing tool. I've been using their website to track my financials for almost two years. If you've never heard of it, it's pretty simple: you plug in all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, or whatever else into the site and it lumps everything together. You can see your "net worth" (your cash available minus expenses), you can track all your transactions in one place, you can set budgets for yourself in specific categories, and a lot more. also has deals with certain financial institutions that provide you with offers that can save you money. For example, a credit card with a lower interest, or a savings account with a better rate.


    I'd been jealous of my iPhone-using friends, since they've had a app for a while. But now that it's on Android, it makes thinking about my money much, much easier. You get all the basic features of the website: you can see transactions, look at specific accounts and the amount of cash or amount owed, and you can see your budgets that you've set. One of the best features is Quick Search integration, so you can literally just search "Netflix" from anywhere on your phone and see how much your last charge was for. I didn't know about this at first, until I started playing around with the settings in the app. You can check off "Quick Search integration" and the app will redirect you to the Android settings, where you can add as authorized Quick Search content.


    One of my other favorite features is a widget that you can stick on your home page. Obviously, you're taking a security risk since your net worth will be available to anyone who's looking at your phone, but if you have an unlock code for your phone, it shouldn't matter too much. I never used to have a concept of how much money I currently had, and now I can just take a quick peek at my phone without even having to open the app to know if I can make that big purchase I'm contemplating. If you're worried about security, you can set a pass code for the app itself, and you can turn off the Quick Search and widget access, so all your information will be locked up inside the app.


    There are definitely a few bugs with the app... most noticeably, it just freezes up sometimes. Usually, if you hit "Wait" instead of "Force close," the app will be responding again by that point. Also, occasionally the widget says I have $0 cash and $0 debt... which is hopefully not ever true!

    I would definitely recommend using this app if you're a user; it's a no-brainer! And if you don't use yet, I highly recommend you start. It's way easier than logging into all your bank sites individually, and you can easily budget yourself and keep track of spending. Do it!

  2. electromag.11

    electromag.11 New Member

    Just downloaded it. Can you create a split transaction using on the Droid? I couldn't figure that out.

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