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Mint.com Personal Finance: Mint is a great way to check on your finances

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  1. moodydood

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    For mobile users wanting to keep up with what they have and their budgets, Mint is hard to beat. Once you sign up for mint on the internet and set up your accounts, you can log in from the app, and every time you log in it will sync all your accounts and give you a nice overview of what you have and your cashflow. you can drill down and see transactions per account, and you can see your budget, money spent toward each category, and keep up with your savings and spending.
    It's a well made free app, and a great way to keep up with what you have.
    the only thing i don't like is it automatically categorizes and sometimes isn't all that smart, but it's easy to rectify by pulling the transaction up and changing the category.
    Mint will also email and let you know when your bills are due.


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