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  1. mightyone1777

    mightyone1777 New Member

    ok this is my first time here maybe y'all can help me. i need help with this error code 67.I bought the warp love the phone had it for three weeks and started having this error code 67 and my data was gone . tried updating all profile ..prl.. and nothing data still gone . so i pulled the battery and woohoo!! data returns ...but then it started again and again and again ..then i took it back to boost and they replaced the phone . so i have a new phone and low and behold i get it again ! so i call boost tech support they give me some code to pop in and update me again . so after awhile it happens again .. so i take it back to boost they wipe my phone clean i get a new sd card start from scratch again ....and then after awhile booom!! mip error code 67!! i want to throw this phone !! i need help!!!!!

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  2. godraw

    godraw Well-Known Member

    Call Boost from a land line or other phone and ask to speak with Advanced Technical Support.

    If the initial support person you speak to is hesitant to pass you up the support chain state to them what you have done so far and that it has been no help.
  3. Quoros

    Quoros Well-Known Member

    It is a easy fix. Dial ##72786# enter msl and hit rest. It will re register on network but back up any important info cuz it will wipe all
  4. zombu2

    zombu2 Well-Known Member

    code 67 means it is missing the shared secrets
    either something happened during registration or we are beeing misled since i have seen that particular error a lot after having some hack flash a evo over to boost
  5. Quoros

    Quoros Well-Known Member

    It is a registration error.
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  6. blaqueknight

    blaqueknight Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much, mightyone1777 for asking this question and Quoros for answering. I thought my 3g was gone forever.
  7. kocoman

    kocoman Active Member

    where are you getting that error?
  8. Mzmell

    Mzmell New Member

    I'm having this problem and I typed in ##72786# What msl?? And will this cause me to not have internet with out wifi? I have a zte thru boost and I did the unlimited data package :..(

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