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  1. tecknoes

    tecknoes Well-Known Member

    I have an LG Smart TV and use Miracast on my LG G2 SmartPhone to mirror the screen onto my TV. I was waiting for the LG G pad 10.1 to buy and ditch my iPad for, but having looked at the specs for it I'm not too happy with certain things, especially the screen resolution.
    I have been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Tab 3 but I can't get my head round the differences between them.... my main concern do they have Miracast or something similar the mirror to the TV?

  2. LGElectronics

    LGElectronics Member

    Is your TV a DLNA certified TV? DLNA would be another way for you to send wirelessly from you phone to your TV. You can download the DLNA software from the TV's Company website.^IV
  3. tecknoes

    tecknoes Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply

    The LG Smart TV is model No: 32LB570B would this be compatible?
  4. Dpadre

    Dpadre Well-Known Member

    I have a Miracast dongle that I put on my HDTV and use it to mirror live sport games from my phone and to play some apps of games that all I have to do is tap the screen, but I love the better picture using my Chromecast.

    They now have a screen mirror feature to screen mirror to a Chromecast using the screen mirror baked in feture on phones. I use an old S3 phone and Chromecast hasn't added the mirror screen feature for my phone yet but some of the newer phones do.

    There are a lot of apps for Chromecast that will let you cast your media files, like pictures and music and videos to the Chromecast. We download our shows and cast them to our Chromecast. Give Chromecast a try for $35. It's just like my Miracast, it's a dongle with an HDMI end and a power input. It also lets you cast YouTube and Netflix and Crackle, oh yeah and some game apps.There are a bunch of apps for Chromecast and I simply love it better than Miracast.


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