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Mirroring screen to Roku or TVGeneral

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  1. marky2mark

    marky2mark Active Member

    Anyone know of an Apple airplay equivalent for android to mirror the phone screen to a Roku box or TV? Some apps like Twonky Beam or Juice work for beaming videos stored on the phone to the Roku. But I want to be able to mirror whatever is on the phone screen, like be able to watch a concert from Concert Vault on the phone and beam it to the Roku or TV.

    It looks like HTC has the HTC Media Link HD that does something like this. Anything for Motorola?

  2. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Doubletwist and Airplay can do it to an apple t.v. but not sure about the Roku.

    ETA: Looks like the Roku app available in play store does do pictures and music, and it looks like they are planning to add more functionality but not sure if it will be true airplay like you are looking for.

  3. marky2mark

    marky2mark Active Member

    Thanks. Yep I saw that Doubletwist will support airplay, just have to decide if it's worth it to return the Roku and get an Apple TV.

    Juice will work with videos or pics stored on the phone, but won't mirror streaming video like I believe airplay does.

    It sounds like miracast will be the standard for mirroring and is available with jellybean 4.2. But not sure if this phone will be able to support it.
  4. fegriffith

    fegriffith Well-Known Member

    Well you should also know that Apple TV doesn't mirror everything, either. I was trying to mirror the Amazon video app from my iPad and it refused to do it. I suspect some things might work and some might not and you won't know without trial and error.

    I personally am favoring my Roku over the Apple TV mainly because the only thing the Apple TV gives me access to that the Roku does not is iTunes, but I'm more heavily involved with the Android/Amazon ecosystem at this point. So I don't miss iTunes content at all. And I've never been worried about Airplay in the way you are describing so ultimately I'm not much help there.

    I'm hopeful they bring some type of airplay functionality to Roku but who knows how long it will take. You could always order an Apple TV from a place like Amazon where you would have 30 days to return it to test it out for yourself.
  5. marky2mark

    marky2mark Active Member

    My original intent was to be able to play concerts from Concert Vault on the phone and mirror it to the Roku. But Concert Vault isn't free any more and I'm not paying the money to join so no big deal. I like the user interface on Apple TV a little better than Roku, I don't get why Roku doesn't use the grid format like Apple TV, instead it just gives you one row with all your apps listed and you have to scroll through the whole list left and right. Pretty silly. But Roku has more channels and also has all the private channels you can download.

    Anyways, at CES when Broadcom was talking about miracast they mentioned Roku as one of the partners so hopefully Roku will be adding miracast support to their boxes.

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