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  1. jhodso1

    jhodso1 New Member

    I know that there has been some discussion about the S5's capabilities, but I am looking into getting the S5, and also Pioneer's Appradio3, which would allow for Mirrorlink. Anyone know if the S5 will support Mirrorlink, similar to the S3 did with Drivelink? I have searched online for any details, and can only see older posts on other sites saying that there is a rumor that Samsung will support Mirrorlink for the S5.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. chrisjhibbert

    chrisjhibbert New Member

    DriveLink is an implementation of MirrorLink for Android by Samsung. Or was. It has not been updated since Feb 2013, does not appear to work on recent Android releases, does not work on Samsung phones even, and the author email contact no longer exists. The user reports on the App Store page are universally appalling.

    I conclude that despite what the car manufacturers say, if you have an Android phone, MirrorLink is not available to you.

    Chris Hibbert

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