Mising album covers on music player

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  1. oranda

    oranda Member

    Some of the music albums I have loaded into my Hero don't show a picture of the album cover when the tracks are playing.

    How do I get the picture to show?

  2. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Check out Album Art Grabber in the Market. Awesome app!
  3. itandy

    itandy Well-Known Member

    How did you put the album art? I always embed them into each MP3 file using MP3tag in Windows first, then it will be loaded successfully by every MP3 players I used.
  4. trev

    trev Member

    Another way to do it is to put a .jpg of the album art into the album folder and the call it AlbumArt.jpg

    This worked for me, a bit of a slow process.

    The proper way to do it ans itandy said is to embed the art into the mp3tag, but you need the software for that.
  5. mazpro

    mazpro New Member

    This is the process that I use and has worked very well.
  6. oranda

    oranda Member

    A nice simple solution - thanks for all the sugestions
  7. mikebellamy2k

    mikebellamy2k Well-Known Member

    album art grabber is spot on. fun too!!
  8. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Well-Known Member

    I'm a Mac user... You can't do that on a Mac... I dont know what's wrong, but it my phone used to read the artwork fine, until now =/
  9. shangy33

    shangy33 New Member

    hey..i wanted to know..of by default does the android give any album covers...cuz in my phone it has been giving some of my .jpg images as album covers to random songs...which dint have any album covers before..! Help needed..!
  10. spuuunit

    spuuunit New Member

    Does anyone know how to add album art without embedding it in the MP3s?

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