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missed call apps don't work in vibrate modeSupport

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  1. John728

    John728 Active Member

    I need a missed call app to notify me and keep reminding me when I have missed calls and text messages. I keep trying new ones out, but none of them work when I put the phone in silent (vibrate) mode. They work fine when the phone is not in silent mode. I use ones that are supposed to vibrate, but they don't vibrate. I tried:

    Missed call reminder by andromax development
    missed call by 48dreams
    missed call/sms alert by hidtechs
    Missed Call by ddani.info
    vibration notifier
    Light Flow lite

    Lite flow lite has a test function to test the notification. It doesn't vibrate when testing it. It seems like since none of them work the way they are supposed to, the problem is something with my phone. Any ideas what it could be? I know the vibration works because the phone vibrates when I get the call, it just doesn't for the reminder. This is driving me crazy.

  2. John728

    John728 Active Member

    I forgot to update this post. The problem was not with the apps but with Android. Somehow I messed stuff up. When I installed a new ROM the problem was fixed and I now use Missed Call Reminder and it works perfectly.

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