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  1. baleitzell

    baleitzell Member

    I came from a Choc 3 flip and i really liked how i could choose a sound for a missed call and when someone leaves you a voicemail from that missed call.

    Scenario: Mother in law calls. I ignore the call. 10 sec later my phone plays the "tone" i chose telling me i missed it. 1 min later my phone plays another "tone" alerting me that she left a voicemail.

    Can this be done on my eris? Or do I have to settle for one single notification sound for EVERYTHING?

  2. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    An app called Missed Reminder can do that. It gives you a number of options, including assigning different tones to types of messages (voice, text).
  3. idonthaveaclue

    idonthaveaclue Well-Known Member

    How about...while your on the phone and someone sends you an sms, is there a way to set an alert for that?
  4. rick311

    rick311 Well-Known Member

    for SMS reminders, get "SMS Popup" and you can customize all that. "Missed reminder" doesnt let your phone sleep, stay away from it. Missed Call" will let remind you that you missed a call and you can choose a tone for that too. it also lets you customize sounds for SMS and MMS. the only way i can get voicemail reminders is by using "google voice" but you need to be invited to that and i dont have any invites.

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