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  1. Arcman

    Arcman New Member

    Hi! (first post :D)

    I love my Arc but I have noticed something weird happening. I have noticed when unlocking the phone it says on the screen I have had missed calls despite the fact I have had my phone with me and it I know it hasn't rang. When I check in the call log there is nothing there to indicate I have missed any calls.

    I have checked all my settings and the calls aren't going straight to voice mail and I haven't changed any settings for individual callers. I have also tried calling my mobile from various numbers and it goes through every time no problem.

    So has anyone else had this/any fix? Seems weird that the lock screen shows missed calls which don't exist or a call log which isn't logging calls?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Annie-SonyXperia

    Annie-SonyXperia New Member

    Hi Arcman,
    I've had that issue with my Xperia

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