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  1. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    I've recently moved several apps to the SD card using the stock application manager. I've now discovered that if I turn the phone off, the shortcuts on my home screens to these apps disappear when I turn it back on. The apps themselves are fine, and the links can be manually restored, but disappear again when the phone is next turned off. Not the end of the world, but slightly irritating. Any suggestions to the cause and solutions?

  2. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    Which launcher are you using? Are you using the default one or a third party one?
  3. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    Default launcher. Running 2.2 on o2 UK
  4. phbair

    phbair Member

    Wondering if there has been an answer to this question, since I am experiencing the same thing. I have created folders in which I place shortcuts that then disappear after reboot. Same thing with shortcuts on the desktop. I hadn't made the connection to apps on the external SD, but that appears to be the case. Can this question be revived? Any help? (Using Samsung SGH 1897 w/FROYO)
  5. Kathy Rose

    Kathy Rose New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I had the same problem, and yip it's so frustrating huh?!

    It's caused by the program used to launch apps at power up. Apparently on a lot of android devices, apps moved to SD do not get loaded (or get partially loaded).

    First I tried moving the apps back from SD card to phone. It did fix the issue...but because I kept running out of space on my phone, I had to move them back to SD and find another solution.

    I found out (by digging around on my phone and a bit of luck) that when my shortcuts disappear all I have to do is clear the RAM memory. This closes the active apps and then reloads everything, including the apps on the SD card.

    To get to RAM Manager on my Samsung Galaxy - I just long press on the Home Key which brings up Task Manager. Then I tap the Ram tab. In mine I have 2 levels, so I tap "level 2" and then "Clear Memory". In a few secs "Voila" shortcuts are back! Those with other devices, just find out how to access Task Manager or RAM and you'll be set.

    I know this can be a wee bit annoying, having to do this whenever you power up. But it does mean I can store as many apps as possible to SD and access my apps with little fuss.

    Hope this helps you ;)

    Oh but if anyone finds an even better way, please share.

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