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  1. ggsantafe

    ggsantafe Member

    Generally enjoying ICS and utilizing various tips from forum members for streamlining performance. However I would like to restore the Bluetooth, Wireless & Airplane icons that did appear on my home screen with GB. Now I have to go in to settings to access these features. Any tips on restoring them to a home screen are appreciated.

  2. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    You can access them from the notification pull down screen. Even when the phone is locked. That being said, I dont know of any "short cuts" in the OS. Maybe you can find somthing on the market?......*cough*...."Play Store".

    Is it me, or does "Play Store" sound kinda stupid?
  3. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    There are still widgets available that you can add to do that. Do you know how to add widgets?
  4. ggsantafe

    ggsantafe Member

    Not familiar with the widget process for ICS - please share - thanks!
  5. ggsantafe

    ggsantafe Member

    OK - got myself up to speed on widgets. I had already installed "HD Widgets" and once I figured out the widget process ( there is a helpful tutorial in the "Help" application) I was able to add Airplane (Flight Mode) WiFi & Bluetooth to my home screen. All is well!
  6. Good tip on the HD Widgets, gg.

    I had a very similar question. I really liked the quick-toggle widgets right in Gingerbread that would toggle on/off Wi-fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, etc. with just one click. I got around most of it via widgets/apps from my GO Launcher. But the one quick-toggle that I really miss is the GPS on/off. Most of the GPS widgets I can find take you to the GPS settings rather than just on/off, like they had in Gingerbread. The one click was so convenient. Anybody have any suggestions? Or it is still there, and am I just missing it? Thanks, guys!
  7. ggsantafe

    ggsantafe Member

    HD Widgets has a GPS toggle switch that should take care of your concerns. It's a pretty cool app with >30 options to select from - everything from Battery level to GPS to WiFi with customizable color & size options - worth checking out.
  8. Sounds like a plan. Thanks, gg!

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