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  1. cdgcdg

    cdgcdg New Member


    Updated my firmware to latest version via Kies yesterday JV9 / JVO / JV7 and promptly lost all my Dock icons (except Home / Apps).

    I've read a dozen links saying how to restore the Phone, Contacts etc to the Dock and am having no joy.

    Particularly annoyed that MyBackup didn't restore the damn things but that's another matter.

    How do I get my dock icons back please. I've tried Menu > Edit but all I get is the "remove" option in the dock and can't wrestle anything in there.

    Any ideas pls?

  2. brandy221

    brandy221 New Member

    The same happened to me which is now resolved..

    Click applications, then press menu and make sure customizable grid is selected and then press edit.. scroll thru your apps and find the phone, message and contacts icons and then hold and put them at the very bottom beside the home icon. And then click save.

    What happened was your dock icons somehow got mixed in worth your applicstions.
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  3. brandy221

    brandy221 New Member

    I mean that your dock icons got mixed in with your applications.. The same happened to me and I had to call tech support. Im using Samsung Galaxy S 4G but it should not matter which phone your using.... Just edit your apps and add then add it to the very bottum inside the grey box beside the home icon and then press save.. Its the only solution other then a master reset... Good luck!!!
  4. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Other option try a different launcher say Go Launcher.

    Then you can have exactly what you want. Also the dock scrolls to the side and you can have upto 15 links.
  5. cdgcdg

    cdgcdg New Member

    Sorted. I lived with that for a month as I came back from holiday far too chilled and didn't check back here since I came back. Cheers
  6. teresazu

    teresazu New Member

    thank you so much brandy, you saved the day!

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