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missing weather sound on thunderboltSupport

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  1. e1978mustang91

    e1978mustang91 New Member

    My htc thunderbolt doesnt make any sounds whne unlocked and the thunderstorm rolls in. How do I change this?? thank you!

  2. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    Its easy on your home screen, if you have the HTC Weather widget, click on the Weather (not the clock) as this will load the Weather app, then press the menu button, select Settings and check the box for "Sound Effects" and that's it. hopefully this is what you wanted.

  3. rocknroar1

    rocknroar1 Active Member

    My stock thunderbolt doesn't have this option.
  4. goingdead

    goingdead Active Member

    im having the same problems with mine :(
    i didn't even know the weather widget was supposed to have sound until i heard my mom's incredible2 did it
  5. jennay22

    jennay22 Well-Known Member

    My HTC Weather widget doesn't have a sound option either.
  6. bezerk19

    bezerk19 Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys, I should have mentioned I was rooted and running BAMF Gingerbread with Sense 3.0 (RC 4.9). I honestly can't remember stock Froyo, sorry if I gave you inaccurate information.
  7. Funderbolt

    Funderbolt Well-Known Member

    The lightening bolt stopped electrocuting my fingers, how do I change that?

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