MIUI apps not showing in launcher

  1. breendrew

    breendrew Well-Known Member

    So I finally updated to the latest version and was attempting to clear some clutter. while messing with the rows in the launcher editor, a bunch of my apps disappeared. Now the problem is that they are still on the phone but the launcher icons seem to be lost somewhere in oblivion. Any idears? not a big deal for free apps but is a major concern for paid stuff.

  2. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    i dont know how u did it but u can always doanload anycut and create new app shortcuts for those apps if there on ur phone
  3. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Are the apps still in the app drawer?
  4. breendrew

    breendrew Well-Known Member

    no app drawer on miui. I do have alt drawer but it's one of the missing shorcuts. I didn't do anything weird btw. All I did was mess with the number of rows and columns and miui effed the pooch big time.
  5. chucksaysblah

    chucksaysblah Well-Known Member

    did you try to put it back the way it was before you messed with it?
  6. breendrew

    breendrew Well-Known Member

    yeah that was the first thimg i did. i may just rewipe and start over
  7. bray462

    bray462 Well-Known Member

    There should be an app drawer if you swipe down from just below the status bar in the upper right hand corner. It was there the last time I ran MIUI anyway. If they are in the app drawer, you should be able to get the shortcuts back.
  8. Poweredge99

    Poweredge99 Well-Known Member

    Its a pain but I finally got it to drop down. Very finicky about where you swipe at. Was easier to practice with the status bar swiped down already and less frustrating.
  9. djboi2011

    djboi2011 Well-Known Member

    this might be resolved but if it happens next time, just keep rebooting the phone until all your apps show up

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