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  1. Digital Jester

    Digital Jester Well-Known Member

    Just got this a few days ago and It's been great so far but I've tried to put some video files on it to watch on the train etc. but I'm having issues with stuttering video when playing .MKV files.

    I'm using MoBo player to play them as it's supposed to handle subtitles well (Couple of Anime episodes in there).

    Anyone know of a way to fix this? Or can maybe reccomend a better app to use?

    Don't know whether it matters but I'm trying to watch directly from the SD card (PNY Professional, 16GB, SDHC, Class 10, 20MBs).

  2. graffy

    graffy New Member

    Try DICE Player for .mkv with es file explorer or File manager HD for SD card ;)
  3. davect01

    davect01 Active Member

    I had one that i tried to watch yesterday with no success. Jittery like crazy and the audio cut out several times.

    I went back to the original DVD and recopied it. This time it played perfectly. Sometimes you just get a bad copy. Don't know if this is your issue, but it does not hurt to try.
  4. Craigchat

    Craigchat New Member

    I like MX video player. So far it's played everything I've thrown at it.
  5. ataru6

    ataru6 New Member

    Hi have you tried throwing 1080p mkv? if yes please tell me what happened? did the file plays flawlessy? do you have HC or ICS on your device? thanks a lot!
  6. What I want to know is why is there not an android video player out there that supports chapter breaks? The same handbraked video file that I can play on my work IPAD skips chapters like a champ. Yet my none of my 3 android devices can do the same with the same file. They can play it, no problem, but that 1 little nice to have convience seems to have eluded app makers? I use Rock Player on my phone, it won't do it, I have MK player for my Sony (which I bought in lie of an ipad) and while it will do decent seek scrub, it won't or can't skip to the next chapter with a simple press of the button. Anyone know of a video player app that supports this? Or why from a programming perspective there is not one?


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