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  1. Hawk03

    Hawk03 Well-Known Member

    Any one using the MLB app?

    I will probably download it in the next few days but wanted to see if anyone was having issues with the app with the Charge.

  2. Kid Twist

    Kid Twist Well-Known Member

    It works flawlessly. This is the second season I've had it on my Charge, and I had it on my Eris the year before. I use it to keep up with the scores, watch video highlights and listen to radio broadcasts when I can't be in front of the TV.

    When Seattle and Oakland played in Japan last week, I was able to listen to the games on my way to work. And just now I was watching an extended "live look-in" of the Yankees-Mets exhibition. Looks great on the Charge's screen.

    Get it.
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  3. Hawk03

    Hawk03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kid Twist! I will be definitely getting the app.

    I'm guessing if I want to put it on my girlfriends phone, we each would have to pay for the app?
  4. Kid Twist

    Kid Twist Well-Known Member

    You'd have to pay twice unless you and your gf use the same Google account for your phones.
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  5. Hawk03

    Hawk03 Well-Known Member

    Got it working on both phones! The app is pretty sweet, can't wait for opening day tomorrow.

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