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[MM] HTC_IME Themed Swype

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  1. sh0ebox

    sh0ebox Well-Known Member

    Alright... I just compiled an HTC themed swype. I do not take credit for all the keyboard images. These were taken from another thread that was made some time ago for an HTC-themed Swype keyboard (for WinMo phones). I just compiled the images into a MM and did a good bit of editing/reformatting images in order to comply with the newest Swype Beta. There are images suitable for the N1 and the Droid in this MM. Enjoy :)


    Download: Swype_HTC.zip

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Make sure you have pushed Swype to /system/app
    2. Install via MetaMorph as you would with any other MM file.*

    *If you get an error along the lines of "the theme control file could not be found," then unzip the MM and place it in your AndroidThemes folder using your PC or Astro, instead of using MM to do it. Then install using "Pick Existing Theme."

  2. supr2nr

    supr2nr Member

    anyway you could re-upload this theme? It appears to be removed from media fire.

  3. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Well-Known Member

    Please please please make this for the Droid Incredible :)

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