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  1. nexilim

    nexilim Member

    Hello I am brand new. I am wondering if you guys have found a way to send or receive mms on your heroes and what version of android yours is running. Mine is running 1.5 and is the round hero, not the newest one. I also cannot find a place anywhere to send mms. Also, how do I snap a picture of my current screen, or do I need an app for that?

  2. Marshal

    Marshal Member

    Welcome "Mr. Brand new" :) U need to enable 3G (1. Setting--wireless controls--Check "mobile network". in addition to that, setting--wireless controls--mobile network setting--uncheck "use only 2G networks". open sms application --- compose msg--menu ---attach...attach any picture From File/Camera and send. for screenshots you need to download SDK
    Windows Version
    1. Download the Android SDK from Google; Android SDK | Android Developers.
    2. Extract all the files in the ZIP file leaving the directory structure in tact.
    3. Connect your Hero to your host PC via the supplied USB cable. Follow the HTC manual on loading the USB drivers as necessary.
    4. Go to the directory where you extracted the Android SDK and execute the 'DDMS.BAT' file in the \Tools sub-directory which will launch the Dalvik Debug Monitor program.
    5. On the Dalvik Debug Monitor program's 'name' list, if you do not see your Hero listed, then your 'USB debugging' is turned off on your Hero. To turn 'USB debugging' on, go to Settings/Applications/Development on your Hero handset and toggle 'USB debugging' on and you should then see your Hero listed on the Dalvik Debug Monitor.
    6. On the Dalvik Debug Monitor highlight your Hero on the 'name' listing and then on the menu, select Device/Screen Capture. Or, you can just hit <CTRL-S> if you want.

    or else:-
    Hero by HTC:HERO Screen Shots made EASY! With...
  3. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    Hi nexilim,

    You can send mms on the Hero in two ways (I'm assuming you want to send a picture and that you are using the standard Android messaging app):

    1. Start a new text message. Open the Menu and select "Attach". Select "Picture" and it will then ask you to choose which album you want to use. The rest should be easy to follow.

    2. Open the Albums app. Choose which album contains the pic you want to send. Select or open the picture and either click the icon that looks like two arrows pointing upwards. Or open the Menu and select the same icon, which is also labelled "Share". Then select Messages and it will create a new mms for you to send.

    The only downside to the way Android attaches pictures is that it compresses them to such a tiny size, they aren't much good.

    I hope that helps.

  4. nexilim

    nexilim Member

    I seem to have the capabilities to neither turn off 2g only, i only see use 1-x or evdo and use both is selected, and I don't see an attach when i press menu or messages when I press on the double up arrow in albums.
  5. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    Crumbs, I'm stuck then. I have no idea why the option doesn't appear.

    So, if you open an album (and it's showing the thumbnails) and click the double arrow, do you see the "Share" list menu? If so, how does yours compare? Mine has the following entries:
    Google Mail
    HTC Mail
    Messages - This is the one I use to create an mms and attach pics with.

    If I open and display a single pic in an album, then while the pic is onscreen, click Menu/Share, I get the same list as above. What do you get instead?

  6. nexilim

    nexilim Member

    Mine lists facebook flickr gmail mail peep picasa
  7. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    Honestly nexilim, I don't have a clue why yours doesn't have the same menu entries. I'm sorry I can't help any more with this. It must be frustrating for you!
  8. nexilim

    nexilim Member

    It really is, is it a firmware thing? I'm running 1.5 is that the latest?
  9. jim_h

    jim_h Well-Known Member

    I think 1.5 is the latest official. Everyone seems to be waiting for an April release of 2.1 from HTC. Fingers crossed! I can't see how this problem is related to firmware because you're running the same as everyone else and this is the first time I've seen a post about it. I wonder if it's something your carrier has done? There again, you'd expect everyone else on that carrier to be complaining about it too.

    As you don't seem to be able to use the stock app, have you tried ChompSMS? It's a 3rd party mms/sms app that's (as of today) ad supported, but still free. It's pretty good and much more configurable than the standard Android app for messaging. There's also Handcent - another sms application - but I and a number of other people have had issues with it failing to send mms messages.

    It's worth a try. You can always uninstall if you don't like it and you lose nothing. :)
  10. rjmfa

    rjmfa Member

    I'm also running 1.5 on htc hero. I get alot of mms messages that r supposed to have movement/motion (animated cartoon jokes), but they all come up as just picks. Is there a way to fix this? send me a message on here or my email plz thanks
  11. Nex1

    Nex1 New Member

    My Nexus One doesn't appear on the Dalivk Monitor list even after "USB Debugging" is on. Please help.

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