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  1. ehendershot

    ehendershot New Member

    I can't seem to send or receive ANY MMS. I also can't receive any group text at all ( from either apple or android devices ). All I get is the "touch to download" even though I have "automatically download MMS" on in the settings. Tried GoSMS with no avail. I had a friend suggest using Hangouts and it worked maybe once or twice but then went back to not being able to receive again. I have tried to send pictures to test if they would at least go through, but they also come back with "tap to retry". I REALLY don't want to factory reset the phone, but I will have to if it comes down to it. I've seen mention of changing the APN settings would change it, but they are not accessible. I do know what verizon's APN settings are but obviously I can't enter them....:confused:

    Any fixes???


  2. JooseyJay

    JooseyJay Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what causes this, because hangouts doesn't work with MMS for me and the stock app does
  3. ehendershot

    ehendershot New Member

    I know I have been able to send MMS in the past via the stock app, but I don't think it has been working as of late. I know that I have never been able to get group text through the stock app though. Kinda stinks since my boss sends out group texts to my dept at work and I never get them or the replies.
  4. Bravevolfan

    Bravevolfan New Member

    Uninstall the hangouts updates and go back to the original Talk app. You should be able to receive MMS from the stock messaging app. I had the same issue, but since doing this everything is great. It is to bad as I really likes hangouts for texting but not at the expense of not being able to receive MMS/pics.
  5. ehendershot

    ehendershot New Member

    ...yeah, that didn't work. I was able the other day to receive a MMS, but that was it. Couldn't get them today. I thought that maybe since handcent has the option to set tower carriers, that it would be able to set the correct Proxy and such. *sigh* looks like i'll be trying a factory reset. BOO!
  6. dcflush

    dcflush Member

    I've had the same issue from the day I got the Centura. I have tracfone service.

    I've tried numerous fixes. Including adding APN settings. My wife has the same phone and same service and is able to send MMS (images) as well as group texts without much issue. Although oddly, she can't send images to herself.

    This is extremely frustrating. It's not that I send images often and can avoid this if I need to. But the fact that I can't receive a text if I'm part of someone else's group text drives me nuts.
  7. dcflush

    dcflush Member

    I uninstalled Textra (downloaded text program, in hopes of solving the original problem). I cleared data on both the stock text program called Messaging. I also cleared data on Hangouts, which was also installed as a stock program.

    Now I'm able to send images and group texts. Group texts are still sent and received as separate individual texts, so hopefully I'll receive them fine when someone sends a group text from iPhone or others.
  8. Bravevolfan

    Bravevolfan New Member

    Best Answer
    I installed another messaging program as well and it gave me the same issue as well. Apparently we are stuck using the stock app.
  9. thornon80

    thornon80 Member

    I finally got this fixed after banging my head against the wall for days! Ok, check it out. My Note 4 (android 4.4.4) has been missing the group text check box and the option was not even there when you go to messages, settings, mms. The problem is not the app or the phone, it's the Sim card. Starting from the home screen, go to apps (bottom right corner ) look for the settings app and click it, now look around for anything that says "About Device" and click it, then click "Status", now scroll down until you see where it says "My Phone Number". If it says "unknown" under it. ..... BAM!! that's your problem. Call your mobile carrier and tell them you need to add your phone number to your Sim card. They can fix this with a couple of clicks. You power off your phone and power it back on and BOOM! The group messaging is working flawlessly, and the check box will be there.
    If it still says "unknown" under where your phone number should be, don't worry. ... it may take an hour or so for your Sim card to update. Just restart your phone every hour until your Sim card diplays your phone number in the settings, about device, status, My phone number
  10. I have the same problem. We all have tracfones in our family. My daughter and I have Samsung Centuras. I can send & receive pictures fine, but she cannot. Enabled mobile data: check. Turned off automatic download: check. Called *22890 & reprogrammed her phone: check. Still won't send pictures with the stock messaging service, although text messages go through fine. Is there any authoritative answer, or is it just lousy product woes?
  11. treebhouse

    treebhouse New Member

    Same here, no MMS with Textra. Data is on & WIFI...don't know any thing else to try :-(
  12. spectechnical

    spectechnical New Member

    I have tested a few apps and here are my findings:

    For Textra, uninstall and reinstall. May need to be a ProUser and may need to reinstall twice. I have the MMS settings to Legacy under Advance MMS settings which is where the WiFi setting is also.

    For the standard Android default messaging app, works fine but no color customization.

    For Google Voice works best without Hangouts and your phone contacts in sync with your Google contacts. Does not send pictures well. Sends message as an individual message no group replies.

    For Hangouts, all members of the MMS must be Hangouts members too.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Julie Durand

    Julie Durand New Member

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! This was driving me nuts. Same problem and I could not find anything that would help. I spoke to my BIL who has a Samsung (older model) and he said he had the same issue. He suggested I download Google Messenger (not Hangouts) and make that my primary for texting. I am now receiving all group text that involve iPhones. FYI - All my texts converted over to Google Hangouts just fine.

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