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  1. DarkDragon22

    DarkDragon22 New Member

    I was recently given a Samsung Intercept phone and for the most part it worked just fine. Didn't have too much of a problem with it. But recently a weird problem has arised that never happened to me before. I was trying to send a picture to a friend of mine. But instead of sending it out like it always had, the phone showed me an error message. I tried deleting all my message threads, clearing the data on the Messaging application, and did a soft reset (removing the battery and putting it back in) with no change. I have no idea what is wrong and I hope I don't have to do a hard reset (format the phone). This is the error it showed me: MMS Transaction is failed HTTP 401 Error: Authorization Required. Retry later.

  2. PMPope

    PMPope New Member

    I received the same error msg after a friend sent me pictures from an iPhone

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