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  1. untalented893

    untalented893 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have had problems with mms before. My picture messages wouldn't download but then I found out I had to turn off wifi in order to download it. Now when I try to download a video message it will download, but I don't see a video anywhere. Where do video messages get saved? How do I view them? Am I missing something here?

  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    Select download, the video should take a few seconds to several minutes to dowload to the phone. When it's full downloaded, you should see a play symbol in place of the download box in your messaging app. Tapping that will either play the video if there's only one video capable app installed, or let you select which app you would like to play video.

    BTW, maybe it's a Virgin Mobile thing, but having wifi on has never had an effect on any of my Android phones recieving sms/mms (Moment, Evo, Epic).

    Good luck and happy holidays.
  3. sry4badbeat

    sry4badbeat Member

    i had some issue with that but it was because i use google voice if some one sends you picture mail to your google voice number it wont work you have to use your real phone number mabye that is your issue!!
  4. untalented893

    untalented893 Well-Known Member

    No, neither of those are the problem. I don't use google voice and when I click download it will take a while and act as if it's downloading but then no video shows up with the text that was with the MMS.
  5. iamdevin87

    iamdevin87 New Member

    im actually having the same issue, and signed up to try and find help lol....HELP US PLEASE!!! lol
  6. untalented893

    untalented893 Well-Known Member

    Virgin Mobile sent me a replacement phone, hopefully this will resolve my issue. I'll let you know
  7. mychalkoutline

    mychalkoutline New Member

    I just signed up because I have the exact same problem. It suddenly stopped sending or receiving any MMS on December 24th. I'm currently waiting for a solution from Virgin Mobile...

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